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Lawn Care

Healthy, green lawns require 3 main things. Care, water and sun.


J&D provides two different levels of service care for your lawn.
First is the appearance by providing the cutting, edging, and clearing the debris from the beds, yard and driveway/sidewalks.
The second level is spraying for the prevention of disease, insect pests and weeds in the trees, yard and flower beds.
Your J&D account manager will work out the plan that best suits your lawns needs.


It is very important that you keep you ingratiation system up to date and in working order.  This provides the water so badly needed in the dry seasons.  If you need repairs and/or adjustments, we will be happy to provide that service.  There is an extra charge for this service based on the amount of repairs required.

Cape Coral Watering Schedule

Fort Myers Watering Schedule


The last requirement is the sunshine.  While we are in the sunshine state, don’t leave item in the lawn that block the sunlight from getting to the grass.

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